Our Monet-inspired Painting and FREE Monet Art History and Appreciation Lessons


BigG has shown an interest in art.  Not just making art but viewing at.  (A field trip to the art museum is one of our favorites!)   I was excited to find this FREE Claude Monet Art Activities ArTree Magazine issue!

The painting in the picture is the first art activity from the magazine issue.  We learned what Monet liked to paint and that Impressionism art was pretty much created by Monet.    We learned that Monet painted the same scenes over and over but a little differently each time.

Then we looked at some of Monet’s pictures of the bridge over the pond and talked about the reflection in the pond and made our own painting.  BigG LOVED this.  He was so proud of his painting.

Hurry and get the Claude Monet Art Activities ArTree Magazine issue while it’s available for FREE!

monetartHere’s what’s inside the magazine:

  • Visit Claude Monet’s garden and learn why he loved he so much. Paint the lily pads and the Japanese bridge many times over with Impressionist.
  • Design your own garden, explore reflective symmetry in the water lily pond and make huge water lilies to decorate your walls. Write your own poetry, perform science experiments, make a plantable paper.
  • See the time fly by with Fong Qi Wei and learn about parallel lines as you create your own piece of art. Capture different parts of the day and express your emotions.

You can even click on certain sections of the magazine and it’s linked to more information and pictures.

This won’t be available for long so hurry and get your Claude Monet Art Activities ArTree Magazine issue for FREE!

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