Single Moms Can Homeschool Too! | Podcast Interview with Free Your Children

I did an interview for a homeschool podcast/radio show a few months ago and my episode airs this week!

Join Free YOUR Children radio show with host Tiffany Boyd and guest Tabitha Hanner, Thursday, November 2, 8pm central time.  Join Tiffany and Tabitha as they discuss how homeschooling as a single mom can be done!

Stream here:

I am a single, working mom homeschooling an only child. My son is 14 and finishing up 9th grade. (Or depending on when we record, has finished!) He’s a talented artist and pianist, car enthusiast, first degree black belt in karate and about to start his third year on the archery team. He has always been homeschooled and I have always worked (in some capacity) while homeschooling. I’ve been a single mom since December 2021, though if we’re being honest, I was functioning as a single mom pretty much his entire life. But in 2021 I was faced with having to take part time employment outside the home; however, continuing to homeschool during these life changes was still priority one. It hasn’t been without its challenges but we are on the path to victory with just a few short years of school left.
I started a savings/coupons and deals blog in 2009 and it has been a source of income (and my main work-from-home job from 2015-2020) ever since. It can be found at and I can be found on various social channels. I also have a homeschooling blog,, and am writing a book about homeschooling an only child that I hope to have done by the end of the year. (With plans to write one in the future about being a homeschooling single parent.)
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