26 Bible Verses you can Teach your Child in a Year


26 Bible Verses You Can Teach Your Child in a Year

One for every letter of the Alphabet!

I started teaching Bible Verses to BigG when he was just 3.  Working at a rate of roughly 1 verse every 2 weeks it would take a year to learn 26 – or one for every letter of the alphabet.

Here he is after learning his first two verses. ADORABLE.

I just can’t handle that cuteness!   So here are the 26 verses we learned.  On the weeks the verse was pretty simple and he picked it up quickly, we would spend a few days going back through all of them we had learned up to that point for review.  It doesn’t do any good to run through them if they don’t remember B by the time they get to Z.

I will say that, I didn’t really keep up with the translations we used.  Most are going to be NIV, some KJV and some might be NASB.  I bounced around versions to make the words easy for young children and sometimes to make the verse fit the letter (for example, Psalm 119:105 in the KJV says “Thy Word” which is great for the letter ‘T’ but in the NIV it says “Your Word” – doesn’t work for T).

So after that disclaimer, here’s the verses:

A – As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

B – Be kind to one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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