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Why Did I Choose Homeschool?

I see articles all the time called “Reasons Why You Should Homeschool”. But I’m not here to tell you why YOU should homeschool.

Instead, I want to tell you why I homeschool.

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“Thanks for teaching me, Mom!”

I shared with you back in the spring about what was hands down our absolute…

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Our Worst Homeschool Day EVER and How We Got Through It

Here I am, 48 hours on the other side of what was, hands down, bar…

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Our Year-Round Homeschool Plan

When I decided to homeschool I knew I didn’t want to follow the traditional school…

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*UPDATED* Cookies Around the World Geography Study ON SALE

  Exciting news for your next year lesson planning!  I expanded my Cookies around the…

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FREE Solar Eclipse Lesson Plan/Activities for April 8th

Roundup of Solar Eclipse Lesson Plans for April 8 Looking for some quick, printable lesson…

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Single Moms Can Homeschool Too! | Podcast Interview with Free Your Children

I did an interview for a homeschool podcast/radio show a few months ago and my…

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Cookies Around the World – A Twelve Country Geography Study

Several years back, I had this idea that to supplement our geography curriculum, we would COOK around the world.  It was getting close to Christmas time so I thought, why don’t we start with traditional Christmas cookies around the world?  It was a hit!  We have done it many Christmases since. 

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Why We Love Sonlight’s Book of Time

Tabithagavinsmom1020 We’re on our third year using Sonlight Curriculum.  We love it.  One part I…

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26 Bible Verses you can Teach your Child in a Year

26 Bible Verses You Can Teach Your Child in a Year One for every letter…

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Should You Teach Cursive Handwriting to Your Kids

Should you teach cursive handwriting to your kids? I could just say YES and be…

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Balto and the Race to Save Nome, Alaska

92 years ago TODAY (January 27, 1925) the race to save Nome, Alaska, began. Seems…

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A Homeschool Mom’s Musings on the First Day of Public School

Today is the first day of school for our county.  In our little homeschool of…

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Homeschooling 5th Grade This Year

We are tackling FIFTH GRADE this year!  It seems so BIG.  Such a leap from…

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