Pizza Hut Book-It Program for Homeschoolers Enrolling for 2017/2018

We did the Pizza Hut Book It program two years ago and we started it this…

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Spring Break!

But we don’t WANT to leave the house because all our favorite spots are crowded!  😀

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International Kids Cookbook e-book just $1

I just snagged this ebook from Amazon!  It will be great for our summer cooking…

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My Thoughts on the Movie Everyone is Talking About

My Thoughts on the Movie Everyone is Talking About

If we could all learn to love like Belle….that’d be great….

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Does Grade Level Really Matter in Homeschooling?

You know you’ve wondered it.  You may have even asked it.  There are many sides…

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Sometimes You Just Don’t Like a Book… #MCBD2017 #ReadYourWorld

Last year I took part in Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2016  and got to review a…

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The Heart of Why We Homeschool

Just a small drop in the bucket of reasons why we homeschool. Education is important…

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Email for Kids – 1 Year Subscription Giveaway – they are providing a safe, secure option for email for kids.

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Why Did I Choose Homeschool?

I see articles all the time called “Reasons Why You Should Homeschool”. But I’m not here to tell you why YOU should homeschool.

Instead, I want to tell you why I homeschool.

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Reading Journals for Kids: Yes or No?

I’ve never given any thought to reading journals until I happened across them on Amazon…

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