4th Pictures

Back to School 2017

I have a 4th grader this yea!  Where is time going?

3rd School Day

Back to School 2016

So I kicked off this blog on July 13th of 2015 with our first day of school post.  As I wrote about in that post, our first day of school did not go as planned because we had been without air conditioning in our house since Saturday night.  The repairman was scheduled to come out “sometime on Monday” when he could “squeeze us in”.  So we actually had to pack our school books and head to the library and do school there until the repairman had a better idea of when he could come by.

Flash forward to the first day of school, July 11th, 2016 and we start our day headed to the mechanic to pick up our van that we had been without all weekend.

What IS it with things breaking the weekend before school starts???  (I don’t have a blog post to confirm the dates but the washing machine broke sometime in July of 2014 too….July is NOT our month….)

But we did start our day praising Jesus that there was nothing seriously wrong with the van and no additional repairs were needed beyond the battery that we replaced the previous Thursday.

So it was still early when we got back home so the first day of school DID happen (almost) just as I planned!


The first thing he wanted to tackle was reading.

If you want to know why we start back to school in July, check out our “semi” year round homeschool plan here.

Here are the “must do” back to school pictures:

(The desk looks MUCH different than it did the night before – picture here)

The ballons on the desk made him so happy.  They’re his balloons.  I took them off the sticks so I could lay them on the desk.  But it still made him so happy.  He gets so excited about the little things.  It’s one of the things I love about him.

I get my back to school sign printables here.

School Day

We’re in 2nd Grade!


So what if it was the 1st day of the 5th week of school before I took our back to school picture?

IHeartNaptime has these ADORABLE back to school printable signs that we use every year.  And they just say “I am a ___ grader” instead of “first day of” so I don’t technically have  to take the pictures on the 1st day.  As long as I get a picture before August is over, I’m happy!


School Day

First Day of School 2015

I was trying to decide HOW to start this blog.  I mean, I have tons of post ideas to share with you, but HOW do I get started?  Well, I decided to start with our first day of school!

We school year round so we start in July.  So our first scheduled day of school for the 2015/2016 school year was Monday, July 13th.  This is our first day of our second year of homeschooling.

Our First Day of School for 2015 didn’t go as planned.  Our air conditioner went out Saturday night.  Not wanting to have to pay weekend rates for service, I waited until this morning to call.  Well, apparently there was a list and he would “try to get to me by the end of the day”.   UGH.  At this point it was 7:30 am and 84 degrees in my house with a projected high for the day of 96 degrees.

So I scraped up the most portable lessons scheduled for today and we headed to the library around 9:00.  BigG browsed the new books.  I picked up some books we would be needing.  He wanted to play with the toys in the kids area so I read to him while he played.  As I was just about to suggest we move from the kids area to the quiet area to get started with our school work, the AC repair man called and said he was on his way to our house – it wasn’t even 10:30 yet!  So we check out and head back home.

By 11:30 the air is fixed.  Praise the Lord!  But now lunch has to be made and eaten and we’re so far behind on our “first day of school”.  And it isn’t ANYTHING like the magical day I imagined it would be.

But, by golly, it HAPPENED!  We did it.  We had our first day of school!