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I absolutely LOVE Better World Books!  I’ve ordered so many books from them this year since I discovered them!  I always see lots of Sonlight and Five in a Row titles.  I’ve also purchase Magic Tree House books – we love Magic Tree House!

They specialize in used books – library discards and things like that.  But I haven’t had an issue with the condition a book is in when I get it.  Most used books are priced at $3.98.   Shipping is ALWAYS FREE and they are having a huge end of year sale!

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26 Bible Verses you can Teach your Child in a Year


26 Bible Verses You Can Teach Your Child in a Year

One for every letter of the Alphabet!

I started teaching Bible Verses to BigG when he was just 3.  Working at a rate of roughly 1 verse every 2 weeks it would take a year to learn 26 – or one for every letter of the alphabet.

Here he is after learning his first two verses. ADORABLE.


I just can’t handle that cuteness!   So here are the 26 verses we learned.  On the weeks the verse was pretty simple and he picked it up quickly, we would spend a few days going back through all of them we had learned up to that point for review.  It doesn’t do any good to run through them if they don’t remember B by the time they get to Z.

I will say that, I didn’t really keep up with the translations we used.  Most are going to be NIV, some KJV and some might be NASB.  I bounced around versions to make the words easy for young children and sometimes to make the verse fit the letter (for example, Psalm 119:105 in the KJV says “Thy Word” which is great for the letter ‘T’ but in the NIV it says “Your Word” – doesn’t work for T).

So after that disclaimer, here’s the verses:

A – As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

B – Be kind to one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11


The Christmas Story as read by my 7 year old


Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy and blessed new year!

Unit Studies

ABCs of Homeschooling through the Holidays: Z is for Zoology


Life of a Homeschool Mom has hosted a series titled the ABCs of Homeschooling through the Holidays.  I was assigned the letter Z.  Yes, Z.  What a letter!  LOL.

But really, when it came down to it, it wasn’t hard because BigG’s passion is Zoology.  So we’re connecting Christmas and Zoology.


You can read my entire article over at Life of a Homeschool Mom!  


Preschool Unit Studies

Farm Sensory Box


Here’s a sensory box I used in my preschool classroom over the years (with kids spanning 3-5 years old).   It’s super easy to make with a small shoebox sized plastic container and a generous helping of hay.

I added some little people farm animals (and sometimes swapped these out with some wooden farm animals I had), some cotton we acquired on a trip to the Pumpkin Patch which also had a cotton field (cotton balls would work if you don’t have true cotton), a real duck feather, and a packet of bean seeds (fun to shake!)

My son is 7 and he still enjoys things like this.  With older kids or under close supervision you can actually include seeds not in the packet.  In my preschool classroom I couldn’t have any chocking hazards.  We handled real seeds but in a group circle setting and not in center free play time.

My favorite thing to do with this box is to not only get it out in the spring when we were learning about farms but to get it out around Christmas!  In the box of hay at Christmas time I would put child friendly nativity figures, small strips of cloth, and animals we commonly associate with the nativity scene.