Currently Reading…

Obviously the top books are G’s. We are brushing up on the Olympics. The next two are his reading. The School Story is our read aloud. The last three are mine. Though I’m struggling with the bottom one. I’m trying but I just haven’t gotten into it. Who knew C.S. Lewis wrote space travel books?


4th Grade is Halfway Over

4th Grade is halfway over (like literally, January 8th was our 90 day mark – woohoo!)  and while we’re making good progress with our school work, I’ve done a terrible job with the blog this year!

I’m hoping to change that.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions, but I want to blog more about homeschooling in 2018.

Stay tuned for regular features like “Book of the Week” and “Subject Spotlight”!


Spring Break!


But we don’t WANT to leave the house because all our favorite spots are crowded!  😀

Mom Thoughts Random

This sums up my week….


No wonder I was STARVING at dinner time tonight. I just found my lunch right where I put it down on top of the book shelf when it was time to help G do his math. Totally forgot to finish eating it.